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In the last 12 months, PDI Architecture has completed three rehab projects with us, each with 100 plus units, and is slated to begin two more in the upcoming year. We have found PDI Architecture to be extremely knowledgeable in Housing Authority programs; administrations of design, drawing and construction; accessibility and building codes; and all matters of construction. They have always conducted themselves with professionalism. We look forward to working with PDI Architecture on future projects.

James Kerr Sr.

Chairman, AMCS

As our fifty-five-unit apartment has drawn to a close, I want to express my sincere thanks for a very well-executed project. Your ability to work with Triangle Construction, and me as the owner, was outstanding and truly professional. We have produced the finest quality apartments in Greenville and your and your team are responsible for the excellent design and follow-through. 98 E. McBee has set the highest standards for apartments in our community and is a terrific testament to your talents.

D. Grant Peacock

98 E. McBee

Your experience with HUD financing from the 221d(4) program requirements has been extremely beneficial to the entire deal team. As you know, HUD generally requires the architect to orchestrate the entire design team, and you fulfilled that obligation completely and professionally, and I know that HUD holds you and your firm in high regard… Your experience with the state mandated requirements for LIHTC financing, sometimes coupled with a Freddie Mac or other agency debt, was extremely helpful, as we have a multi-state execution and rely on your firm to manage the different state design requirements…Your design and work has been met with considerable success for work on straight market rate deals. I look forward to many continued projects and success between our firms.

Craig Descalzi

Founder & CEO, Morrison Avenue Capital Partners

I’d like to express my appreciation for the work you have done for me over the past 20 years. During this period, you have designed over 2,000 multi-family units for me in North and South Carolina. You have been creative and technically proficient, with a willingness to appreciate budgetary constraints. You have also been helpful in resolving the inevitable construction problems which arise in every large development project. I like your work so much that I prevailed upon you to design my home! I look forward to working with you in the future and would be glad to share my recommendations with any of your potential clients.

John H. Crabtree, III

President, Meridia, Inc.

There are bridges we cross and events we gather into our collective memories that serve as milestones in each of our lives. I am quite sure that the two-year journey we traversed together, known as the "Christopher Towers Rehab," stands out among the most memorable and earth-shaking events of the past five years for most of us, right up there with the birth of my great-granddaughter!

The success of the entire project pivoted on well thought-out planning, exacting blueprints and tireless attention to detail and what we got from your team was all that and much more. The involvement of your entire team was first rate and your personal attention and level of involvement was tantamount to the overall success. We did at first pick another team, but we were proven wrong and you successfully hit every mark for the entire two-year project and made the process as painless as possible with very few hitches.

The fact that you have a great working rapport with the folks at HUD and have a total understanding of their expectations and timetables made our lives immeasurably easier through all the decisions and adaptations that were necessary. We would gladly speak to any future clients of yours to expound on the advantages of working with your team - thank you for your execution of our vision and for all your hard work.

Anthony W. LaCaprucia

President, Board of Directors, The Navigator Corp.

We greatly appreciate the many charitable projects you have completed for our parish over the past few years. Your designing of our conference rooms, administrative offices and ministry offices have made a huge difference in our work environment and our parishioners' convenience.

Your design of the 5,000 square foot unfinished basement made it possible for our Sunday School to expand with our growing attendance. The meeting rooms are used by the community at large, as well as our own parish. The design of the parking area, storage, and restrooms added to the ability of handicapped individuals to use the facility and to the usefulness of the newly remodeled basement using your design.

Your expertise, supervision, inspections, patience, accessibility and "Can do" attitude while doing these projects for us is invaluable. Doing all this on a zero budget and free to our church and community is going above and beyond! Your kindness to us and the community can't be measured and reflects your generous character.

Fr. Rafael Castano

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

I have worked with Pat lanelli for over 12 years on a variety of new construction and sub rehabilitation projects. He is my architect-of-choice on all my projects due primarily to his responsiveness, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond what is called for in the contract. There are few professionals and third parties that I can give a genuine four-star rating. PDIA and Pat lanelli have earned that rating from Multifamily Associates, Inc.

Scott Neely

President, Multifamily Associates, Inc.