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Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

PDIA has vast experience in assisted living facilities and multipurpose developments. We’ve designed over eight assisted living facilities across the Southeast totaling over $70 million in construction costs. We provide full architecture services for senior living, assisted care and rehabilitation projects. View our recent development projects.

Our Assisted Living Facility Services

Our architectural services for assisted living facilities include:

  • Master planning for assisted care, senior living and rehabilitation complexes
  • Assisted living facility design services (conceptual, pre-design, design development, style renderings)
  • Construction services (documentation, post-construction) for senior living, assisted care and rehabilitation projects
  • Assisted living landscape design
  • Structural, plumbing, mechanical, and mechanical engineering
  • Non-engineered site development services
  • Consultation and management for assisted care, rehab and senior living developments (design, permits, engineering)
  • Architectural marketing material for multipurpose projects

Unparalleled service and attention to detail

Why we do it better?

As leaders and experts in the field, we take pride in our ability to manage complex architecture development projects with integrity and honesty. Every architectural detail matters. We believe construction work should be a dependable and rewarding process.